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Yaroslavl Translation Service renders services of consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation, including chuchotage.

The most commonly used type of translation is consecutive interpretation. A speaker’s speech is divided into fragments (2-3 minutes), and the translation is produced in the pauses. Most commonly, the consecutive interpretation is applicable at small events. The simultaneous interpretation is one of the most complex types of translation. During such interpretation, a translator is interpreting simultaneously to the target language with oral comprehension of speech in the source language. Sometimes, a special technique chuchotage is used.

Translators of Yaroslavl Translation Service work at all types of business events and trips:

  • translation at conferences, forums, symposia;
  • translation at negotiations, press-conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and other gatherings;
  • translation of seminars, training courses, and other workshops;
  • translation at court hearings, notarial actions, translation of interrogations and other investigative actions;
  • written translation of documents by means of “sight translation”. The purpose of such translation is to understand a general idea of the document, where the full translation is not applicable;
  • translation at banquets, weddings, and festive events;
  • translation at foreign delegations’ escorting, excursions for foreigners in Yaroslavl;
  • translation during equipment installation (commissioning) or equipment start-up;
  • translation of telephone conversations, etc.
Yaroslavl Translation Service always tries to support you with the most qualified specialists for consecutive interpretation to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and other world’s languages. We always strive to find out an appropriate translator in the shortest time possible. Please also note that assorting the appropriate translator depends on the topic of translation, the format of the event, the place, and its duration. For that reason, we earnestly ask to place an order for the consecutive interpretation in advance. The earlier we get an order, the more time and options we’ll have to allocate an appropriate specialist. Additionally, it would be useful to support us with the text materials prior to the event because it could help an interpreter to be better prepared for the event, to dig into the topic and to carry out his/her job at the top professional level.

Price for interpretation

The minimum order is 3 hours.
Languages Consecutive translation, price per 1 hour Simultaneous translation, price per 1 hour Escorting, price per 1 hour
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish 850-1500 ₽ 1500-3000 ₽ 600-800 ₽

Other European languages, the languages of CIS countries and the former USSR

upon agreement upon agreement
upon agreement
Chinese, Arabian, Japanese, and other Oriental languages upon agreement
upon agreement
upon agreement

A full range of standard equipment for simultaneous interpretation is available

The rental equipment price for one day (minimum order) comprises 40 000 ₽

A basic set of equipment for simultaneous interpretation includes:

  • Table cabin, CCU, transmission unit, translator’s desk (2 pcs), IR emitters (2 pcs), commutation, audio mixer, receivers (40 pcs), services of one technician, services of one assistant)
  • Delivery is agreed upon individually. It depends on the venue and the number of pieces
  • Price for additional receiver comprises 150 ₽ per piece.